Monday, December 27, 2010

RANDOM: I Guess I haven’t Felt it yet

But I’ll do it anyway… Here goes nothing…

It’s Monday…. I Missed RAW. Why? Because I was watching the Saints game. HA!.
Yesterday, Tigger attacked Cheddar, Cheddar bled. LOL!
Found some free games at  Downloadsquad, I told my nephew and brother about them so they can download. I even tried the online version of Quake, pretty decent games. Looks like they halofied it. Haven't really played Quake since High School. …. Otherwise I’m not a PC gamer anyway. I’d rather do that on a console.

Speaking of that.. lol yesterday like  a dummy, my nephew had his xbox kinect  wire going across the room..  and I tripped over it. the whole system fell off the chair he he had it on. and the game inside it is now scratched and broken. smh.. all because he had  the Wire to a Wireless Mike Close going across the room.. D U M B

Man I need to change my sleeping patterns, I’ve been playing Cityville on Facebook since its release, and it’s keeping me up.. tonight I’ll hit the bed for 1 just to see if I can get up at 7.  I managed to get up early today. but I went back to sleep. The rest was worth it.

In between Noise Noise and more noise though.

I’m about to end it here for now.. I’ll take on something else later.

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