Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The Battles, The Bands, The Drama

For the past 3 days I’ve gotten calls and things regarding the Battle of the Bands that took place in Baton Rouge this past Saturday. Many asking if I was there, if I have footage and why didn’t I come.  others  were asking me to tend to a number of threads about the event on the site.  because of it I found myself not only  closing posts, but Banning members and talking to two band directors regarding the situation on the site.

Generally The Threads went from Members and fans talking smack, to Directors talking about each other personally. so I checked with both of those directors yesterday just to hear what they had to say. and I understand how they both feel, but I told them both that they should leave it to the students.  Even when being called out personally because parents who read it, don’t fully understand the situations from an inside standpoint.

Aside from talking to those directors about that. I talked to this dude Rickey who’s a pure bandhead. we were talking about hosting a battle of the bands between all the Southern Regions Mass Bands… There was some drama regarding that to due to another idea sparking up. I hope that it all works out because it needs to happen. I’ll speak more on that later though.

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