Tuesday, January 25, 2011

I should be sleeping.

But before I lay It down I just had to mention that today I’ll be attending a public input meeting at Greater Gentilly High School. It’s believed that the school was built to replace a number of schools that were in the area, Kennedy being one of them.  JFK Alumni were asked to take part in this meeting to feed into the notion to possibly have the schools name changed to JFK Sr. High.

This seems to be one of the things lifting the spirits of JFK Alumni right now.  Changing the name is only part of something that could be really big. That school would have to change a lot of things such as school colors and mascot. Restoration Tradition, Fight Song and Alma Mater, as well as Band and Auxiliary units just to fit the identity that Kennedy has had.

It would be great to see the return of The K.  just the thought of it makes me think that it would be one crazy homecoming game.

I hope to see  my fellow Classmates there.

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