Sunday, January 23, 2011

I think I just caught on to it.

Aside from the most recent  bunch of anonymous calls I received today. I received a call from a Dallas number about an Hour ago.  Most likely that person may have gotten my number to save it. Oddly enough today was a Battle of the Bands, so I was getting & missing a whole bunch of calls. but this 817 area code was unfamiliar until I searched and  it was of the Dallas Fort worth area.

I let it go over my head because I was sitting here trying to stabilize the wireless network connection on this Vista, for some reason it kept failing. I eventually found a way to stabilize it. Soon after installing some enhancements. I logged on to Facebook and  I posted it on my wall.   Now I realize that at One am I was Facebook Poked by a Girl from Dallas who also attended Tx Southern.  She’s not ugly, but she has a kid.  I’ll befriend her to see what she’s about.

Maybe It was her who called?  Hmm… I wonder…

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