Friday, January 21, 2011

The Power Box is in & The PC is Once again Functioning

With almost a year out of commission, my Compaq model PC with Windows Vista OS is back in service. I installed the Power box at about 11am soon after the thing got here.  I ran in to one problem while installing it, but it was my fault for plugging in the wrong cable. 

Once the it was installed, I powered up the PC. It came on Just fine. Now all I have to do is make sure the thing is up to date. currently I have 74 updates to apply. The PC’s doing that right now. The first thing I did after turning it on was do somewhat of a pc clean with System Ninja and PC Decrapifier. The funny thing is, I had never used it before now.  In a minute I’m gonna load up Hirens Boot CD just to check some things.  otherwise I’m straight.

The PC is kinda slow right now at some things, but now that I’m getting this thing restarted. I gotta check for some better video codecs. Why?. simply because the computer isn’t compatible with my video type. MTS. even with the Splash Lite player, the video will not play smoothly. I’ll have check online to see what I can find on it.

I’ll be back later, I’m about to go fool with it in a minute.

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