Sunday, January 30, 2011


I just got through watching the Royal Rumble. There were a few surprise entrants but otherwise I knew They were coming. Booker T’s Back for a while. Nash, I’m not sure.. but yeah. The Rumble was okay. FUNNY yet kind of dumb at points but it was all good.

.. I forgot to mention feels like I have to throw up.. I had a Triple Whopper a few hours ago. and a coke. I shouldn’t be drinking cokes right now anyway because lately I’ve been feeling crazy. I may have to lay off on everything.  speaking of that.. this morning I had probably the best version of an egg and sausage sandwich made my myself in a while…. I might go do another in a few minutes

I gotta clean some stuff up. I have been fooling around with the PS2 Making those games again. couldn’t upload to youtube though They’re on facebook. I’ll post them later on here though. I’m about to try to Walk this off. LOL as in Walk around the house

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