Saturday, January 29, 2011

Oh, I Feel So Vulnerable!

Nah, Not really, but I guess I was “Stuck By Lightning” so to speak…

A Rogue software got ahold to my PC, although I did have to restart the PC Multiple times, I was able to remove it quickly. A software called “Defender.exe” shut down all active services on my PC. this occurred while I was looking for a new codec package for this Vista PC.

The thing installed itself while I was uninstalling something else. it let me know just how vulnerable the PC is. even with UAC turned on.. (and I hate the UAC).. especially on Vista because there’s no way to Lower it. it’s either on or off.

While Searching for the codecs though I rand across a program called

Sicunia PSI (Personal Software Inspector. it detects and installs missing patches for the PC depending on the state of the software. so I scanned and I got a 94% system score. Now it’s at 95%


The downward spiral is only proof that this PC hasn’t been used in a year….  I’m Good but it Looks like I have some tuning up to do to bring that to 100% ..… I’ll have to recommend the software to a few people..

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