Monday, February 21, 2011

Randomness on the 21st.

What’s up with me… Nothing in particular, been offline for a while doing some other stuff. I’ll be busy with these parades this year.  I’m not going to many but I will be hitting the streets for at least 4 before Mardi Gras day.  Likely Bridge Action.

I have a slight headache today. I’ve also been sleeping earlier & waking up earlier too. That’s a good thing. Soon I’ll come to a point where I’m not in the house after 7:30. hopefully that’ll be soon. It’s almost March I got Moves to make.

Facebook changed some of the features on the site. for photos. .. Theatre Mode.. I don’t care for it.

30 Minutes til RAW..

Yesterday My My Brother In Law went to put his Laptop in the shop. I informed My sister that the hard drive crashed and that his music wouldn’t be salvageable.  they got to best buy and they told him the same thing. now he’s paying 150 to get it serviced.

Early in the AM Sunday Morning Shots were fired nearby.  sad.. I didn’t hear them but I was “checked on”  and told when I got up.   This area is getting worse every month.

… Umm.. Yeahhhh!.. Dude came back out of nowhere to ask me why do I rep ST. Aug if I didn’t go there.  I told him that I support all N.O School bands and I will defend them all if anyone brings them up. You chose to talk dirt about St. Aug. I can vouch for them too.

Cats don’t see it. I banned him years ago, now he’s back on the new site. I’ll let him stay but I told the N.O folks to ignore his Ignorance.

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