Tuesday, March 22, 2011

C’mon Man! Not The Eggs..

Man.. There were about 8 Eggs left in the bowl after I put up the Yakamien this morning. I got up a few hours ago and The boiled Eggs are all gone.. My brother ate them all.  Yet he didn’t eat any Yakamien. I don’t get that at all.  you can’t have yakamien without the eggs!

Now I’m sitting up here waiting for the eggs to finish boiling This is crazy! There was 1 egg left.. I went in the kitchen just now and it’s gone .. Why? Because this fool got up and ate it.. Yet there’s a whole bowl of spaghetti and yakamien juice along with soy sauce gone Untouched.. why? because this fool doesn’t know how to eat anything! ..

… Oh and it’s his birthday.. makes me feel old

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