Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Gotta keep the Dumb Junk out of it

I’ve been keeping in touch with Ricky about this battle of the bands coming up this summer. The dude has everything on lock. The Down side of it is all the Mess surrounding each band. I talked to ricky about the fact that Bragging is cool because it hypes up the battle. But. The way it was done and the response was unnecessary….

Folks Starting to take it Seriously Talking about pulling out of the event. It makes no sense at all.  All you have to do is show up and make it happen. No Reason to politicize every decision because Ricky has everything set up. 
When He said what he said About Blowing out our band, it was cool. but the Head Cats in Charge of ours took it in the wrong way… It was all settled until Ricky  revealed that he had Mr. Kighten on staff.   I knew this already and was telling people. but nobody believed me.. so Now that he’s announced Knighten to the public.  This dude "Black had a lot to say about it. in a negative way.  Yet Black doesn’t have the resume that kinghten has and is no where near.. You work with a band and you think you’re the man. but Until you have to teach some kids, you haven't paid your dues.   
Aside from that, They’re basically Trading words online Calling out the other band, which is cool .. but it shouldn’t get to the point where folks are getting cussed out.. that’s the problem because we have cats that would do that.  Sometimes they get beyond professionalism at the wrong times..  I just hope this thing goes on with no problem.
It’s not summer and we haven't even started yet.. but The hype is there so I know this will be a great event.
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