Friday, March 25, 2011

I Think Wii’s online firmware needs an update

I’m here watching YouTube XL Via Nintendo Wii and I’ve noticed that the interface has been the same since forever. I’m guessing it’s because Wii uses Opera browser, but I’m not sure.  When You access youtube via Wii, The page loads and looks like these images below

Aside from that, when you’re playing the video. the quality is at it’s poorest and  when you expand it to full screen it becomes sluggish. That needs to be updated.  Maybe I have to try typing the full location in to see if it displays as it does on other systems or via web… like This


It’s like that on the PS3 and Web from what I've seen so far. why cant Wii just update their stuff? lol.  .. Both wii’s Firmware and Software needs a nice enhancement because the browsing experience is weak.

oh and aside from that.. My nephew wanted to play Zelda so bad til i mistakenly deleted the game file that i had completed. Now I have to start over. .. Sux 4 me..

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