Saturday, March 12, 2011

Impact of The Quake & Tsunami

I’ve been watching the news and all the controversy about comments regarding the events so I’m just going to be brief and express my concern for the situation.

For a man who has experienced Katrina, which is no real comparison to a Tsunami. Yesterday morning I was reading someone's personal experience from the quake on a forum. at that point it reminded me of how I wrote about my  family’s survival of Katrina. I didn’t go back to the forum. but  hope the guy’s alive. The last time I checked it had only been about 4 aftershocks he’d updated about.  at this point The Tsunami has destroyed a lot so no telling if the guy’s dead or alive now.

After seeing the video updates and talking to friends we were just talking about how crazy the world is getting. how the plates in the earth are shifting and the wavelength and impact of the tsunami as it was set to have reached American soil.  my opinion based on fact was that the impact of a tsunami is like dipping your finger in water or blowing a bubble into a cup of water.  .. The ripple effect of the waves and the fact that the water has to make impact somewhere before it dies down totally.   It’s the nature of water.

I  have sympathy for the people of Japan, I told Kandace that In situations like this my first thought is always about the children. it’s always my first concern because they cant take care of themselves..  I hope and pray that they get all the help needed to get them back on their feet. Don’t forget about Haiti from last year as well as the other quake and Tsunami victims of the past. 

The World Need Relief!

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