Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Somebody’s Biting Hard!

Man,  So The Other day. I was on youtube checking out some clips. I’ve seen that youtube added Social media outputs .. “As Seen on” links.. so I started checking out my own footage.. I ran across a particular clip of the dolls that was recorded long before mine, yet Uploaded to youtube  by a certain media group weeks after I did.  

The big difference is that, My clip wasn’t a direct interview, his clip was… and it wasn’t even the whole thing. it was just enough for him to get web hits though.  I think it’s funny because this cat bites everything.. I mean hey. I get influenced by various concepts of videos. but I won’t wait 3 years to upload a clip to the public just because somebody else is getting hits on a fresh of the market video.

I know u want to make money because u do have the footage,..I love the way they do their videos because they’re very professional.   It’s just crazy that they would wait till my exclusive footage goes up to post their footage from 3 years ago.. I take that as a  way of him saying “I’ve been doing this”.. lol but it’s cool..  I still think he needs to stop

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