Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Syrup for the Cold

for the past 2 days of sickness, I’ve been taking Nyquil and Theraflu depending out the timeframe (night & day) That Theraflu kinda warms ya up. 2 nights ago I was sweating hard, weak, headache  couldn’t really sleep. took a little Nyquil and that helped.  yesterday My sister gave me some theraflu and that’s that has also helped subdue the feeling.

The Difference between the days is that 1st day my throat was sore, no coughing but I did feel weak with headaches,  Day 2 .. I was still kinda weak but the coughing came in.  I had to take slow deep breaths  through my mouth to prevent coughing heavily and the headache was fading away.  Today. I don’t have a headache nor am I feeling weak. but the cough has switched up to coughing up Coal ..(you know that green mucus)

ate some Campbell’s soup sometime yesterday. that  I even had Mucinex yesterday.  today. I may need to take some today.

folks are asking me why am I not out at the parade. I told them all I’ll be out Friday. I need my healing time ya know .. I blame the Panthers

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