Wednesday, April 20, 2011

A Beautiful Day In The Neighborhood

I never got a call or email back from the Zoo. Other than that I’m still looking.  Yesterday Fooling around with this Wii, I Downloaded this game called Rage of The Gladiator. it’s kind of addictive and tiresome. i may have to switch control styles LOL.

That Fool T came here today.. smh

One of my cousins keep sending me pics to post for him on Facebook. Even though i’ve told him that I can’t do it…. I just ignore his calls after he sends them. lol…

speaking of picture texts
My Younger Brother has married his long time girlfriend over the Weekend.  We weren’t there but We all were happy that he did it. I talked to him the other day, he said that he was thinking about inviting everyone but it would have been too expensive for everyone. so he said he’ll just get married without all the celebration.
I told him that I think its great. along with how excited our parents and older older siblings were it. when they sent the Txt. The Irony is that my little brother saw it first…once it got to my dad. everybody we know knew.. LOL he even woke me up to look at the phone.. LOL I was like “That’s great” and went Clean back to sleep …lol  We knew it was coming but not this soon. In Light of it all,  many of our cousins are having or have had babies…It’s one of them things that makes 2011 a good year for the whole family. It’s  life.
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