Sunday, April 24, 2011

It’s All Good

Yeah, I’m up. and I know that they’re probably all on the lake by now, but I guess I’ll chill here at home with the family.. that’s if somebody decides to come and scoop me up.. LOL. I’m good though. 

Yesterday I Hooked up the new cisco/Linksys Wireless Router. The only one was faulty. I would attempt at using it as a receiver but I plan on giving it to my sister. On the other hand. I may have to give her a PC just because it is what it is. all she needs it for is so that my nephew could play his game wirelessly.

I’m downloading Codec to this Vista because I was having trouble Loading videos & Sound  in  Windows DVD maker  as well is no video and Windows Live Movie Maker  That’s All for now. Otherwise, Looks like the burning is great. I have to get these WM9 Codecs In though

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