Thursday, April 21, 2011

Looks Like R-Truth Has Turned Heel

Due to the fact that MY TV’s settings were on SAP during Raw. although I had the TV on, I missed out on all of this..

R-Truth Smokes a Cigarette and the Crowds Reaction is CRAZY!.. Booing & yelling “That’s Illegal” … they funny part to me was that folks are yelling “Think of the Children”… 

Forget it..  It’s likely that he Ron Killings smokes in real life.. To have him do it on RAW  is a big change in attitude for him… now he’ll be a Heel, a Bad Guy…. Turning Heel in a place where   Smoking Indoors is illegal makes the bad guy thing stand out more…  .. and the Crowd Gasped HARD.. GREAT REACTION!..LOL!

I know WWE is getting a lot of complaints from Parents of kids who may be watching. even an anti-smoking activist is asking R-Truth to apologize.. smh  (TMZ Article)  WWE Sent out a statement to TMZ defending it, saying it was for storyline purposes.

I’m glad it was done. not because it was unexpected, but because it was RAW. For a PG show they went over the edge to make that happen. WWE needs to Bring back Elements of the attitude. Hopefully this is a start.

It’s time they got rid of PG and move it up a notch to TV-14.

as for me.. I don’t care. it was RAW!

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