Friday, April 08, 2011

Should have turned on the Attenuator

Coat of Arms - SU Concert BandYesterday I recorded SU’s Concert band at Landry High. The Good thing is, I got to see the band, the bad thing is, The Audio to the recording is somewhat distorted.  Although my Mic was on Automatic as usual, I should have turned on the Attenuator. That would have been the most sensible thing to do in an auditorium.

The Attenuator does is reduces wavelength of the Audio to prevent distortion. I’ve done this in gyms in the past due to the environment being loud.  This time, I was unsure of how the band would sound in this auditorium, as well as being that the band was mic I wasn’t sure how that would affect my audio.

Apparently, what it sounds like is as if I didn’t catch natural audio. I caught what came directly through the speakers. It’s not a good thing now. but next time I know what to do in all auditorium settings. It’s crazy man… ASide from that though. I had a good time, the band was great. I’m about to upload one clip and call it quits.


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