Saturday, May 14, 2011

The Challenge is on!

Today I tested the camera, It’s pretty nice. I love everything about it. All i need is a lense for wide shots and I’m good. otherwise I think i have all i need to make things happen right!

It’s going to be a Learning experience, I told Gerard today that it’s the first time i really had to use a camera where the viewfinder wasn’t the LCD screen.  All I need to do is learn how to focus manual. Autofocus is a beast though. The challenge is on!

I just got through talking to my Frat Nakia about what he was doing. even though he just started out he gave me a few pointers on getting things started. For now, I’m gonna take time to know the camera. and then make it happen!. 

LOL The Pressure is on and The World is Turning.. But It’s Time To Make It Happen!

Let the Transition begin!

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