Tuesday, May 17, 2011

While Away I….

  1. Tested out the Camera Time after Time
  2. Started A Web Page to Host the services I will be soon providing.  It took me Hours to try to come up with a subdomain name. 2 days actually. I just stuck with what I’ve been using.
  3. Researching Information on Everything to make this site as informal as possible.
  4. Looking for an Online Portfolio Host, I Found a Few, but wasn’t 100% Satisfied with how the services work. There was one or two that i loved, I may try them.
  5. Excluded Facebook Pages from my Gallery
  6. Looked up More Info.
  7. Prior to all of the Above, I talked to 1st Sgt. about practicing, He told me about a Lens rental place.. I’ll look in to it.
  8. Still learning the tricks of the trade.
  9. Hadn’t been to sleep in 2 days.
  10. Uploaded Two Sample Pics compete with a watermark (shown beneath this list)
  11. Talked to my Cousin about getting a lighting kit…
  12. spent time Contemplating on how this is all going to work out for me.

And All I can say to this is that.. It’s about to get REAL!



The T2i’s Great!…

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