Friday, May 27, 2011

Friday Randomness

This Macaroni Tastes Buttery but its aight none the less.
The HBCU band group on facebook is on like Donkey Kong..
Hit’em with that Elmo and it killed’em softly! LOL
I joined Lafango to get in to some contests! .. There’s a pet one up and running! i need to get into it! I have time!.
I have to call Bethany….
I talked to Qui yesterday… I called her sisters phone and she was like “You’re rude” LOL!  funny!

i need a dental pan! ahh!
I wonder if i can get grant money for it! LOL
I’ll look in to that too!


Got this SBI thing going wild
Hope i dont lose this tooth man!
Kandace Knows She Loves me! LOL
I don’t know if im going to Houston.
gotta get myself together!
ahh dang! lol
I dont have a clue man!



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