Saturday, May 28, 2011

Another Legend Gone: Gil Scott-Heron

subconsciously I’ve hearing this mans music & poetry all my life. \Whether it be through other artists or via Television ad or some other form of Media, I had heard his words and his voice. But It was After Katrina where I I was Formally Introduced to Gil Scott Heron’s music From a Militant Fellow who’s name I will not mention.  Gil Scott Heron’s Music  played a big roll in my Comfort while in  living Houston because of it.

Day by day, I found myself Listening to his music & His Poetry and it opened my mind to some stuff i had paid no attention coming up. it was almost like he was telling the story of the average youth of the ghetto. I liked his music His music made me think.. It gave me a piece of mind, it was funny. It was Relevant!   Seems like every time i played his music folks would ask? “What do you know about That music” … I’d tell them what i know and they’d be surprised.   I liked his music

Gil Scot Heron was suffering with HIV, An Alcoholic, A Drug addict, Domestic violence issues. basically had lots of trouble with the law. He survived all that for years, it finally caught up with him i guess.

Hearing of his death is shocking, but i knew he was in bad shape since i’ve known of him.

RIP to  The Legend That Is Gil Scott Heron 1949 - 2011

Here are 30 of my favorites…  although numbered its in No specific order. I recommend you listen to them all!

  1. Storm Music
  2. New York City
  3. Delta Man
  4. A Lovely Day
  5. Or Down You Fall
  6. Legend In His Own Mind
  7. is This Jazz
  8. it’s your World
  9. We Almost Lost Detroit
  10. The Bottle
  11. Brother
  12. I Think I’ll Call It Morning
  13. We Beg Your Pardon
  14. Home is Where The Hatred Is
  15. The King Alfred Plan
  16. Save The Children
  17. Lady Day & John Coltrane
  18. Evolution And Flashback
  19. Ain’t no such thing as superman
  20. Pieces of A Man
  21. H20 Gate Blues
  22. Your Daddy Loves You
  23. Inner City Blues
  24. Winter In America
  25. The Revolution Will Not Be Televised
  26. Guerilla
  27. B Movie
  28. Whitey On The Moon
  29. Angola, Louisiana
  30. Johannesburg

Find Them, Listen… Read The Poems.. You’ll Love it All!..

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