Sunday, May 29, 2011

I might just skip it all

there are a lot of events that i need to be at dealing with band, but I won’t be going simply because of the fact that I need dental work. This has been on my mind all week. I contacted a dental facility online to check up on that. I sent a message as well. I may have to walk over there Monday.

after seriously looking at my grill, I noticed many issues. the Dentist will likely notice more. I can feel it i know when they get to me, they’ll address them.   All and all. I need my whole top front Crowned.  I hope i’ll be able to have that done.  I really need a job so I can get that done real soon too.  if not I’ll be like 35 with no teeth. that’s not a good look.  Yet having Gold or silvers isn’t either.  If there was a way i can get porcelain crowns. that would do me well.

The Problem:  These places like to get their money up front. yet I don’t have any deltal /health Insurance, I don’t have a steady income. unless i resort to seriously start fixing pc’s on call. or daily.   I really need to do something about this before they all just rot out.. I need a Job!

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