Sunday, May 22, 2011

People Play too Much

I don't like when folks play on my phone because its stupid. But yesterday, I thought it was funny. Why? Because a Girl called me from an Unknown number .. I hate when people do that..… But Here’s How our conversation went… It had me laughing for a while.

I got a call from some random girl claiming to be a Mother of my Junior. I thought tramline put her up to this so i asked “Where’s tramline and who are u?" .. but i got nothing other than “i don’t know Tramaine but i do know where u used to say”  . She even mention people grew up with. The funny thing is she couldn't remember my last name. LOL  Anyway. She claimed that she had I got her pregnant b4 Katrina.. in the superdome LOL!!!!!!!!……   I was I like U GOT THE WROING JOSH CAUSE I HAVE NO KIDS! ..LOL   but the whole thing  was funny because she was like I know all ya people and them Papers are coming to ya… 

that whole episode was funny. all I'm trying to figure out is who it could be. because I don't talk to anybody from my old hood at all.  .. But because it was funny I stood on the phone till she hung up.

… Although It was funny to me.. I sure do hate it when folks just play on my phone… I’m glad that this time it wasn't a fruit.. the only other person that could have set all that up was my sister.. smh. …lol  I even wrote something like “on the phone with my baby mama” on Facebook just to see who responds. and it got 2 likes.. one probably thought it had something to do with the Bethany thing.. lol Noooo! lol

Makes me want to change my number though…

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