Friday, May 20, 2011

Walmart | Bonose’s most controversial Video to date

This video has taken the nation by storm. the Hits are by over 520,000 and  a load of mixed reviews The things got Just as many Likes as it does Dislikes. OVER 3000 each  That’s crazy to me. I think It’s a smart on part of Bonose though because in the end, it’ll make him look more popular as a film maker

Folks are saying that they’re ashamed and and the most popular is that it reverses the civil rights struggle…

IMO i think folks need to lighten up. it’s just a Bounce song.. That meanss it’s was created be danced too and its Humorous. I personally could care less about the video or song but it is way better any other bounce tunes out there right now or in the past 5 years for that matter.

Booty shaking in a Wal-Mart… A while back there was a video made at Home Depot and it hadn’t gotten hype like this.

This Video consist of a The Rap Artist and 2 Dancers fooling around in wal-mart…. Now all we need is a song about the shrimp man trucks! LOL!

I got to call Bonose and mess with him about it though!

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