Saturday, May 21, 2011

All that Extraness aint cool…

I ran cross some Bad photography work from random photographers as of late. the sad part is, they make money doing it and I don’t. but in all fair criticism.  one of the guys take great pics, but his editing skills suck.  how could you try and manipulate somebody's waste line and get the whole body discombobulated.. yet you think its cool. i mean yeah. slight enhancements DO work and look good. but dang THAT was just overdone.

In another area, i saw another photographers work. it was Horrible, but because he’s on the Model mayhem site asking for Nude models, They’re giving him what he wants.. why? not because he’s a good photog.. because if that was the case he wouldn’t have so many requirements. LOL. other than that//  He takes PLAIN pictures of girls in the nude. i could have taken girls nude pics with an Iphone. i think this guy’s a fraud!!.

I’m a fan of people photography whether enhanced or not. but overdoing it takes away from the shot more than it adds to a persons appearance.  The irony is that i was just talking to someone about that. Photoshopping work is a great thing.. but I’d rather capture the naturalness and be on with it…when I edit its only because i want to make the shot look cool .. but manipulate body parts is too much..  It just doesn’t work all the time.

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