Thursday, June 30, 2011

Good Time Last Night Though.

Yesterday was my sister’s 3 year anniversary so they had a white party. they also had a cake. I was there taking pictures. …once I started, I didn’t stop. But I was good man. I even got a chance to play with another camera, I Nikon. Not sure what model but it wasn’t a pro model. 

Generally, I was good, Today I’m Tired. but i’m good. Timing was pretty normal I left that place at like between 12:30am & 1:00am. Generally I gotta put this stuff on to a PC.  Most people think these pictures are going on facebook. NOPE! oh well “DONE!” LOL

Tomorrow they’re supposed to be having something early, but I won’t be there ..  gotta do some stuff for The NOAASB… Man They should get some Plain black shirts that say “The Band” on them. that would be TIGHT!

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