Thursday, June 02, 2011

Heading out tonight!

We’re in for a 10 Hour ride. It should be about 12 Hours actually, if you include the gas breaks. Hopefully we’ll get in, get rest, get up and Do stuff!.  I'm not sure if i should bring my video or photo cams.. so i’ll just bring Both LOL! Off to Disney World I Go! LOL

Which Resort shall we take up? I think Epcot would do for me. The Magic Kingdom just seems too old fashioned and out dated for me.  LOL! Hope I get some great pictures in. this thing trip will be nice! yes it will! LOL I really want to hit up Universal studios. I’ve wanted to go there as a kid just because that's where nickelodeon was.. and Back to the Future and all that goodness.  I know there was a fire a few years ago. some things aren’t there but I know TNA is there!  Hopefully we’ll get to check out the impact zone. that would be great!

only 5 hours till we really hit the road. this is gonna be crazy!

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