Friday, June 10, 2011

The Mountain in the park isn’t something new.

I Recently saw the it on Chanel 6 News and That was my thought Exactly….

To be honest, I thought they had dismantled it. because the last time I was in that area. i couldn’t tell what was going on .. The gates were no longer there. nor were the signs that stated its location.

Back in 2004, I stumbled upon the mountain while walking my dog Cheddar through City Park.  I even Blogged about my discovery. after i got home that day I did some research to figure out exactly how tall it was. and it sure was taller than Monkey Hill.  It’s official name now is “The Mountain”.. which is funny because the title of my original blog about the thing was “I’ve been to the mountain top” LOL!

amongst the few rest benches along the trail, There was an Amphitheatre likely meant for an exhibit of some sort. I believe the spot was part of a project dealing with plant research as well. I may have to visit it.

it’s probably been the highest point in N.O for the past 10 years now. I mean hey It was constructed while i was in high school from what i know….


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