Monday, July 11, 2011

300 prints and I'm good

Today While printing photos for my aunt, I came to a realization of how easy it would be to make sales from my photography. After buying the needed materials and rounding it off.I came up with a simple, yet effective cost for event photography. I may have to substitute certain costs based on the Medium though, Otherwise I’ll have to generalize these prices based off time, cost of materials as well as amount of photos to take, print, write to cd, slideshows etc.

Normally I tell folks that the price depends on what they want. and it’s true, but now after sitting there printing. now i can give them the option  rather than have them tell me what they want.  Asking them what they want is cool. but having the set price make it much easier on me. Their only option would either be to accept or deny. if they deny,  at that point it’s their loss.

Still working it up.  Still got to start my portfolio.
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