Saturday, July 09, 2011

I missed it all

Man, I got word that the battle was great! seems like alot of folks went. My Former HS Directors was in attendance so was the former director of the Music Dept. Ms. Sloan. I guess this all was a good thing. because without her the original public school all stars wouldn’t have been possible…. I see it as some what of a continuation.

Man,  should have taken a ride with somebody to Reed but i couldn’t make it which is kind of Ironic due to the fact that last time we went to Houston we went on one bus. that’s all they had this time and hey, i didn’t help pay for one. so me not attending isn’t really a big deal. Looks like the footage will take a while to get online though.

There are already clips up!. I think that’s great. Prior to resting earlier i informed a few people that I wasn't going.  They thought i was lying.. LOL! I was supposed to give Alex His CD. Tomorrow Im going to have to go sight seeing I just may take a walk and start snapping pictures or something. I got to get my photo game up!  I’m really enjoying this camera though.

What’s wild about the whole thing is the arguments surrounding the last battle. I hope them cats can get over that. … Memphis.. smh they all want to be heard but can’t don’t have the ears to hear.

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