Monday, July 04, 2011

4:50 and I haven’t slept yet

Happy Independence Day Folks! Although I should be sleeping. I’m Wide Up!
Today I’m going by my Aunt’s house to celebrate the holiday. as well as to Take Photos. Hopefully this will be a good one. She Invited EVERYBODY so hopefully i’ll have somewhere to sit down. LOL!. I should try cleaning my lenses before the day is over.

Yesterday I had a great time at the battle in Jackson. Saw alot of people I know and met. Now the drama’s begun. LOL! but it’s all good. that’s how it’s supposed to be. when it comes to band, bragging rights are a big deal.

The bands were great. The Crowd was DEAD! LOL! J-State heads! lol Kinda funny!

All in all I had a good time. I’ll probably post some pics on here later

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