Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Busy getting Things done

Saturday, Baton Rouge. I’ll be with the NOAASB once again taking photo’s for the most part while recording SOME things.  I still have footage to put up. folks are begging me. but that’s on delay due to photo duty which is technically also on delay due to my inability  to sleep.

I Just joined a Nikon D3000 Give-Away.  at “Make Use Of” it’ll be great if I win. I visit that site from time to time. It sure would be great to win a new camera. Or a Light even.  I’m still getting the hang of this Photo Stuff. with every shot, it’s trial and error. i’m not great at it but I’m decent.

Speaking of that. I have to get the money from my aunt  so that I can start getting her photos developed. I may end up putting them in Walgreens photo lab. aint nothing wrong with that. I may have to go over there and work in that department. really! LOL

While at my aunt’s  I met a guy who’s technically a rapper he wanted me to take pics at his party. He asked how much I charge. I told him It depends on the event. the wild part after that is, my cousin John said he wanted pics taken with him and his girl.  he was just like “you got to start charging em, stop doing stuff for free.” .. and i feel him. I’m gonna  make it happen soon!.


Aside from that, I still have footage I need to upload. Folks are tripping about not seeing themselves. smh..  with the clips already up along with the event taking place. there’s  Drama Drama and More Drama. it’s crazy!. after looking at myself on camera. I realize that i’m shaped like a house!. terrible!.

We got Donuts in here! Krispy Kream. I rarely eat those. they’re great!.  It was something that I wanted to mention here. I’ll probably do that later though..


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