Saturday, July 23, 2011

Getting it in… Listening to Music

Sitting here listening to Music and Messing with the folks on the band group. Great time. These cats are wild. I love this stuff!.  I  think its funny that folks who are going up against the SU folks have nothing hardcore to come at them with and they’re getting Smacked twice as hard.I’m really not a smacker. I’m just a One shot and done kinda cat when it comes to smack. but i know where to get them at. 

No Doubt they weren’t smacking on TSU or anything or myself at all but it’s boring when everything’s one sided. especially when they do like a 30 minute raid and leave at once.  I had to get some in on a few bands.. Why not target those who do it the most. LOL

The Sad part is that their targets get mad seriously. I swear i just got off the phone with somebody who was upset about how rowdy the SU cats are. lol.. I don't care SMACK BACK!!… Stop Whining!  It’s all fun and games to me. they can come with it kinds of ways but it’s pretty easy to smack back.. like ole dude from pine bluff went in on The Ocean hard with his Logic and Objective…  I had to say something.. LOL!

The Problem is that everybody’s not a good smacker.. I have my fail moments. but at least mine have reasoning…lol  These other cats are repeat smackers.. when it gets old. it’s done with.. you got to keep it fresh.. My Smack is Universal so it’s got to be different every time…

As for now, I’m just waiting for them to dig in on me… I invited somebody purposely because I know he wants to smack on me.. but i can get him easy. there are other folks at least from what I see are going to come at me for the wrestling videos i have..I may have to hide them suckas LOL! ..

Aside from that they can  easily get at me for stuff that everybody would know such as my character and persona whether offline or online.  and things like taking pictures/video, my encounters with dancers, past arguments, following bands i didn't march for and my hair… easy stuff to counter. Seems like the marked me as on the List as the Public Enemy #1 LOL! 

Hey I’m SBI and them cats know i’m bound to have some crazy smack ..LOL!

It’s all in good fun…LOL!

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