Saturday, July 23, 2011

Here’s What I’m Doing

  • I just got word that my Alma Mater’s being torn down this week, …Our Heritage Will Live..
  • So Far, Nothing Yet from the Wolfpack!
  • I’m currently uploading old videos from 2010’s parade season
    The Sad Part is that i still got a complaint from somebody that didn't see his band.. i’m like dude. Wait your turn! LOL
  • Obviously his band wasn’t on the clip yet he figured they were going to be in there somewhere..
  • I was watching some old WWE & WCW clips just to refresh my memory and as well as to see some new junk i hadn’t seen such as the USWA footage from The Rock’s years.
  • What’s funny is… Flex Kavana, The Rock… Back in the day i didn’t know that was the same person. It’s crazy because that was mid 90’s TV but it looked extremely lower budget.
  • Controversy In Wrestling is Wild to me.. I think alot of this stuff going on now is  maybe 80% Kayfabe.  I don’t need to get in to detail on that..other than the fact that It seems like It’s an uprising of a New Attitude Era in WWE.. Great things ahead..

That’s All I have for now…

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