Thursday, July 28, 2011

It's A Monster For Ya

LOL Trying to Put me on the spot but I tackled it right away. No doubt they got me with the random jokes but aside from that I got the Win in the end. All I had to do was Ignore the opposition and embark on a moment of truth. and Magically the thread disappeared.

There are a few fake accounts in the Uncut Group. One of them I had a bone to pick with due to its level of disruptiveness among members. I’ll just call this one “MJ” why? those are the phony initials of the phony account. Here’s what went down in the group. My Boy from The Ocean made a thread.. and when he started to get picked on. i came in to tell him to Avoid them because It’s a Glitch Within The Matrix…
Eventually They jumped on me asking me when did i march. basically trying to use the fact that I didn’t complete a full season against me. LOL for me, that's easy to brush off simply because Everybody who knows me knows the reason i didn’t complete… MJ on the other hand is not supposed to know who I am he;s not even connected to me on Facebook .. and according to his profile… he’s somebody i don’t know or cant identify with personally.. No Profile pic or anything.. Prime Example of Therefore I was able to counter it with something He wouldn’t like..

The Thing is…Mentioning The Glitch within the Matrix was obvious to them.. as it was obvious to me.. I basically asked them to prove themselves or they wont be taken seriously…
Truth: The admins in Their Orgs group haven't accepted The MJ and J-man Accounts because nobody can vouch for them within their org group. MJ and Jag-Man know this because their true identities have access to their orgs group. So they’re trying to avoid being put on the spot by their own folks ..

…. So with myself Coming Back on them Questioning them about their identities They avoided it by saying obvious things because they Know I got power at bandhead,org
…Saying things like “i bet u want to delete this but u can’t” … LOL being sarcastic I invited them to the bandhead. LOL! the end. They Declined saying they refuse to be censored CRAZY! LOL…at this point it Looks Like The thread has been deleted. maybe they don’t want those accounts to get ejected from the group.

The Thing is …You can’t Expose Me for what i did or didn't do. if you can’t prove your own identity within an org.

LOL Jokes on you… but I won’t mention it. It’s all in good fun…
For Me.. That was a Win in my book. HAHA!

Keyser Soze Moment!
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