Thursday, July 28, 2011

I guess it goes better with Coke

  • It’s funny because Now that i look at it, and I take it Back another notch..
  • Sounds like The Major found himself on the back end of the stick..
  • I think its cool though..
  • I Found some more Images
  • This Means More Random Facebook Activity for me!
  • yeah that’s for The Glitch
  • This Post is actually Me testing out Live Writer
  • It Messed up on my a few minutes ago..
  • Yep. It was my first run of installs. since the random uninstall to attempt at repairing the thing!
  • Didn’t work…
  • and that was for The Movie Maker
  • oh yeah and Behind my Videos There’s money..
  • They aint seeing that though.. So Keep WATCHING!
  • oh yeah.. No Laughing Matter….
  • The Test Is On!
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