Sunday, July 31, 2011

So It’s Like That? LOL! WOW!

Alright, So The Other day My sister was at a friends party where she spotted a guy who failed at dating her a few years ago.  I’ll call him John Doe from this point on…   Well…  Here’s what Happened … They spoke to one another.  John Doe Decided to ask her Why did they stop conversing so abruptly.  She implied “you should know why, Infact, you tell me why it didn’t work out” ….

John Doe Replied .. I Know Why… You Brother must’ve told you something about me messing with lil girls. It wasn’t even like that”    <--- LOL But That’s the TRUE part.. He Also Said “ What had happened was, Me and your brother Got in to It because We were messing with the Same Chick from TSU and --” <=== LOL! THATS TOTALLY FALSE .. I Guess he had to make something up to make him look good.  I’ll explain later. At this Point though my sister cut him off saying “Who Bethany?, cause i still consider her my in Law”  because she knows Bethany didn’t go to TSU… He replied “That Girl came at me first”  …  after trying to clear his name their conversation ended…


See. A few years ago.. 2006 to be exact. It was when  John Doe Confronted me about something I and many others on the site were discussing about him.. It had nothing to do with Bethany.. It was just that he was Messing with Teenage girls. at that particular time he was dating a college freshman. he was in his mid to late 20’s at that time, and She’s the one who told him how we were joking about him doing what he was doing… Well hey it was true.

I think its funny that he would even reveal all of that to my sister though. it’s probably because he had assumed the whole time that i had informed my sister… Now Just imagine if I wouldn’t have.. She would have gotten the shock of her life at that party, Right!? LOL

Funny that he had to make up the TSU girl thing. because I was never involved with anyone at TSU. and the 2 girls that i socialized with to on average was Ashley and Jerm my other friends were In Louisiana and I still converse with the same 4 females on average, none on “That Level” .. These chicks all actually helped me to cope with The Breakup that i had recently went through.. Nothing like Beautiful women being there when you need them ..LOL!

I know that had nothing to do with anything but I just had to make it clear… LOL  Don’t Think I’m NOT going to warn my sister about Something that I know Before she gets into any kind of relationship…LOL. The funny thing is.  It was like 2007, 08 and he used to come online Trying hard to play me.  yet at the same time he was trying to get with my sister and GOT PLAYED! .. Why? Because She was Annoyed with how he presented himself to her…  BAM!! THAT had NOTHING to do with What I Told her…

But since he had it on his mind he just had to reveal it all.. and now I’m sitting here Blogging because my sister told me .. (duh) .. But All in all.. I THINK ITS FUNNY!!

I’ll End This Here

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