Sunday, July 17, 2011


Yesterday I had a great time at the battle, working under some crazy conditions. also having to bend over the counter in the press box to get a great show view.  It was so hot in that thing that I was sweating super-bricks.  i wanted to take a lot more pictures, but due to the conditions it hindered my shots. I'll have to clean both my lenses tomorrow.

We went to McDonalds afterwards, I couldn’t eat. mainly because i needed more fluids in my system I had a high C and a refill. after that i was fine. i couldn’t finish my meal though that sucked. Eventually I just stopped snapping pictures because my camera wasn’t having it. Hopefully I’ll be able to get them pics up early tomorrow. after i do that, then I'll see about it cleaning them lenses. lol

I hope my pic’s are straight so they dancers could see how they looked LOL!

I think i missed somebody too .. that’s all i have to say to it… LOL!

Overall I had a good time.. I need to go look for them Q-tips….

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