Monday, July 18, 2011

Now That I’ve Experienced With Shooting In RAW

I now know WHEN to Use that setting. While on the trip to Baton Rouge, I set my Camera to shoot in the RAW format.  Then I realized that the camera saves the file at a slower speed than shooting in Jpeg. no matter how I set my exposure or exposure mode. The whole time out there i had actually forgot that I was shooting in Raw. which is not a good thing. so now I know. and Knowing is half the battle.

Later on today, I’ll be uploading those files and possibly converting them to Jpeg while saving the raw files. Hopefully they’ll be good enough for me. Aside from that, Same as I mentioned last time. the Conditions was also a factor in why i chose not to take so many pictures.  The only thing the RAW processing impacting was the amount of pictures i was able to take During fast paced movements.  but I’m good because I know the quality of those pictures are going to come out  exactly as the file type says they are… RAW!

I cleaned my lenses today. those conditions were horrible man. I have to figure out how to not have that happen. I also need to invest in a new back pack that would fit most of my Stuff in with better padding. because holding all this equipment in a small duffle bag with no padding has its cons.

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