Thursday, July 28, 2011

Swift Like NEO

Today, They tried to come hard, so hard the phony admin deleted me from the group Twice.. I think it’s funny because the Jump man or what ever his name is was also mysteriously deleted and he came back...  They came hard, no lie.. they even got others involved but I came at them like Verbal Kent avoiding and countering their insults, Now they’re calling me a Super Hero.. LOL

I was Eventually messaged by a group admin asking if i wanted him to be ejected. I told him no . but when I make the call, delete his post along with in.. because at the end of the day they’re not attacking a band, they’re attacking me personally.  What’s funny about it is that is that I know  for sure who they are now.. well at least just about.. but I wont expose them because that’s not my forte.

They haven’t said anything since they put me back in. but I think it’s funny because They’re getting ready to be ejected.  you can’t expose me for who I am when I know that You’re Not who you claim to be. LOL

The Funny thing is.. They think I'm begging to stay in the group.. man them boys let me in because we all cool. But he doesn’t know that i know these cats. I’m way before their time. they can’t break The Book! LOL

The Glitch Within The Matrix is That I Am In Control….

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