Thursday, August 25, 2011

After fooling around with these PC’s

I Realize That I need a New Hard drive for the one that I had sitting under my bed.
Basically I received a Laptop to Fix. while checking for errors i realized that aside from her software issue, her hard drive was bad. so I tried the hard drive from the PC under my bed and i had to once again type in the BIOS password for it. I found a Generator to finally get it to work.. Boom.. at that point i found that that hard drive was bad.

Because of that, I went to see if A Hard Disk Password  recovery tool on  Harim’s Boot Disk was going to work in it… It gave me errors saying No Master Boot Record .. Clearly a bad drive. Now I have Fedora in and It told me that the hard drive had too many bad sectors. I may buy a hard drive for mine. it’s only $85 dollars.

I will probably inform her of the hard drives that are on amazon or somewhere else to see if she can order one from there. she already has the OS software. I copied them for future references Open-mouthed smile 

I’m good now that i know what’s up. I’ll invest in my own. but in the meantime. I’ll be giving ole girl back her PC. I won’t charge her because technically I didn'’t do anything to it. 

Now I’m just fooling around with this Fedora thing. I may end up installing it on a pc in the future.

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