Tuesday, August 30, 2011

I told my Cousin About The PC I Fixed

Well, Yeah, Being that he originally owned it. I decided to tell him what I did to fix it. but its likely he won’t want it. I’ve been looking at how these updates have been flourishing online.  Yahoo has twitter and Facebook integration to its messenger. that’s great.  one of the few updates to these PC’s I’ve been dealing with.  I just eliminated my old version of Office 2003. it was hard stopping simply because it didn’t want to uninstall. I had to download files to finish the uninstall. 

Trying to make this work for me… If I could update grade my old XP. I’d be ever so grateful. the problem is that the hardware isn’t compatible with the software I’ll be adding.  which means. That PC will stay an XP. lol

That’s all I really have for now folks…

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