Monday, August 29, 2011


Todays date for many of us represents pain. a pain many of our people didn’t make it through. Right now today, I still have dreams of the days we were stranded. Seeing dead bodies, people suffering from injury and sickness just struggling to survive. It was tragic, Amazingly tragic.

In my family we discuss Katrina every so often and the direct impact it’s had on our lives. For me, There’s not a need to tell the story again. It’s just a matter of living and succeeding. Sometimes I wonder what would it have been like hadn’t it all happened. Yet it was something that was bound to happen someday. It’s One of the many events that changed how America functions when disaster strikes.

I hate that it happened, but it’s impact on ME personally wasn’t bad. I am grateful to have experienced a life in Houston because of Katrina. There are many great things that have sprouted in N.O. Because of Katrina. Yes the storm and flood was bad, it was sad. but we live, We Never Forget, but life goes on.

This probably won’t be my only entry about Katrina and I just may tell some crazy or probably an unnecessary story relating to the storm. but otherwise It won’t be too much. 

Rest In Peace Gregory Estes Sr., we miss you!

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