Tuesday, October 11, 2011

So Many Things Run Through My Mind

And this Blog is the place to write those thoughts down. Yet I haven’t been blogging like I really should be. I guess its time for me to cut out all the many distractions and do as I’m supposed to do. maybe I’ll feel better about myself and then feel the need to blog when the time comes.

To Do is Just as Important as To Be… and I Must Do To Be! LOL

IONO.. I know that was random but it’s just how I feel.

I think its funny that I’ve gotten no call from ole girl. I think that it sucks that as soon as things seem to get good, I have to back off. otherwise I always feel played in the end.  I just might have to post that picture early though…

I mentioned this on Facebook yesterday and Went in to tears… Earlier yesterday I took a walk from Church to My old neighborhood. It made me feel old, but it also gave me time to think, remember and take pictures.

Before I made it to my destination. I stopped by my grandma’s house where my uncles live. I didn’t walk in the back of the house because when I reach the room it saddens me because my grand parent are not there. usually my grand parents are sitting in the room (or on the porch) and the house is always full. Now days that house is empty.. sux but its life.

Oh wow.. this fool T called me just now and said  ..”She wasn’t that fine in person dawg” … LOL Boooo! hater….lol   I introduced him to Bethany the other day and  when he told me that I said. man she was always real skinny tho man..LOL  he was like “always  got excuses” ..  I Never said she was fine… LOL those were their thoughts due to her pics.. I told him that  she was a dancer she always had a slim build. 

But his opinion is nothing big, I think Bethany looks better than any of the girls I’ve seen him with. LOL but that’s just my opinion..LOL

I mean hey.. I was glad to see her though. it’s crazy man.. just crazy..lol

Someday I’ll find somebody.. that’s all I have to say about that..

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