Sunday, November 13, 2011

All I Need Is Rest

Since this is likely the only entry I’ll be getting in til later on today. I’ll touch on a few things before i start getting ready to head out.

Right now.  SHOULD be sleeping. I could take a power nap, but I think i may not wake up on time. I’ll likely do that after I come from church.  I wonder if I’ll be reading the opening scripture today., If so. I have some studying to do. I have to read until i find what I need.

I think I’ve mentioned this, but I’ll say it here now. I switched back to using my blackberry for now. its not giving me any trouble, but it’s just “a blackberry” and being an 8300 device. It’s nearly obsolete.

I was cleaning up my room and I realized that there’s something I need to do. and that’s take my cameras and check them. …..I don’t know. My eyes are getting heavy I should nap for an hour. I'll try.. In fact No I’m not. I’m about to READ!….

The Book

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