Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!

I’ve been up for nothing.. yet I’ve been waiting for a parade to start. I’ll likely be filming Grambling's band today as they practice for todays parade. after that I’m putting the camera up. I have to check the weather.

While on Craigslist yesterday I came across a production group looking  for Crew members. I sent a message with no formal resume. but i did redirect the guy to my youtube page. i hope they respond.

In light of the classic, there’s the FAMU (possible hazing) Death case of Robert Champion going on. I’ve taken part on a few online discussions and have seen many articles and video reports. I just hope the truth comes out. Suspending the whole music program at the University makes no since to me. It’s sad that the director was Fired as well.. He can’t be there to see all that goes on… sad situation.

I’ve been trying to revamp some things.. i hope these things come to pass…


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