Tuesday, November 01, 2011

I’m Not Surprised

It’s sad to hear that 8 people got Shot on Bourbon Street last night. But It’s nothing Unusual considering the Holiday which was being celebrated. Halloween Brings out the Evil Truth in those who acknowledge it in Celebration…. But that’s another story..

This City is Crime filled & murderous. On any given day, anywhere in N.O a person is bound to get hurt or killed because of it. It Seems much worse when  Many at once  in the midst of a large crowd. Yet it’s no different than 8 people being shot in a Weeks time. I think This situation will spark some sort of outrage simply because of WHERE it happened.

  During events there’s a sense of security on those streets, but overall It’s just an Illusion. the Stance of those in Uniform is does not intimidate Criminal minded people. 

With This Happening on Halloween It’s easy for me to say that Works of Evil will Happen where demonic spirits reside.

I just had to say that..

Note From The Book

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