Friday, January 27, 2012

Incriminating the victim is a crazy practice.

I totally understand Ronald Serpas’ reason for publishing rap sheets of those caught up in criminal activity. He likes the Idea that it gets the people talking. The problem with that is, The information release is not only of the person who committed the crime, but the victim  and their families as well.

Making us aware is one thing, but the way they go about doing it has the general public talking negatively about everybody rather than having sympathy for the victims. Which is why In my opinion, only the background information of violent criminals should be published.

I’ve Recently done it myself in reference to the Ainswoth profile.  Why? When I saw that his arrest record. and then looked at the photo they had of him. I wrote in a comment the first thing that came to my mind which was. He (Ainsworth) Looks “Crack Bound”  but they didn’t need to make it public.

On my part I should not have mentioned my thoughts on him looking “Crack bound” because it got me some feedback where I had to explain myself.  A Guy told me basically that It’s Not fair to judge someone based on a photo. (that wasn’t is exact words) but I totally understand. although I had also mentioned how I felt about the info released. my initial written response was based on the photo and the info from his rap sheet. I was wrong and I apologize for that.

With that said, IT’S THE EXACT REASON why they shouldn’t make a victims arrest record public.  What I Did there is also commonly done beneath articles on the Local News Sites. The big difference is that those commentators tend to blame the victims. Many also make general assumptions which incriminate the victim or blatantly refer to every  black man profiled as a Thug. That’s commonly done without seeing an arrest record.

No Doubt Most of the times the victims in these cases are Just as much a criminal as the person who killed them. But when there are case where the victim is a good Samaritan It makes no sense at all. That’s exactly why I feel that arrest records should only be made public If the victim was a violent criminal. That way we can have an idea of the Cycle of crime they were involved in. Otherwise when any other information about that person’s family should not be made public unless their family member directly contributed the crime.

At the end of the day, I’m advocate of what’s right and what’s good for the people. and I as one of these people. Think that releasing Ainsworth’s info was a bad move.

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