Sunday, January 29, 2012

Apparently I’m Irresponsible for not Watching My Cousin’s Every Move

My Mom comes in her going off on me because she was informed that My cousin had stolen my Brothers money. This was just as new to me as it is to her. My Brother told My Dad & I earlier today that his $200.00 and his bucket of change was missing.

My Dad Informed my mom on her ride from work. So she came in her yelling at me telling me to Stop what I was doing so she can tell my cousins mom, She also asked Why Did I Let him walk around this house, She also called me irresponsible for allowing it to happen.

My mom feels that I should have been walking around the house to see what my cousin was doing.  I told her that I didn’t realize he was in here until after he told me something.  Our home is technically a free to roam house.  I asked my mom, how do you expect me to see everything he is doing? because she blamed me for not being responsible. I told her that I had no clue he went in my brothers room because I didn’t  when he came IN the house.

This all happened while I was occupied with some things in my room,  While My Brother was sleeping. Suddenly My cousin came through here After leaving his job… I think he came through the front door because I had just looked the side and back doors.  But anyway, he came in  and saw me in my room and said  “Josh where you about to go” ,I’m like “Nowhere”. and he was like “I'm about to go wait for this bus” he had just gotten of work.  So I went to set back at the PC. At this point he must have roamed the house  then Left for the bus. Between the time he Saw me, and the time he left, He went in my brothers room while he was asleep and stole the money.

The Irony of this happening is that earlier that day My cousin came over and Because we know he Steals, I was asked to lock my brothers door. I did so because we didn’t want my cousin to go in my brothers room while he was not here.  Please note. this was at 2pm, my cousin didn’t have to go in for work till 6. he works till 10.  he came over 3 times that day. The last time  he saw  the opportunity to steal. so he did it.

My Mom called his mom, and and got that straightened out and he will be repaying my brother what he stole.  because he is wrong for what he did. My cousin has a job, my brother does not. Why do you have to steal money if you have a job?. it’s just wrong.

I Feel Basically that I should not have to keep my eye on Company of any kind. My cousin WAS welcomed here. The problem we have is that he’s over done his welcome once by using this as his Chill & break spot during work Hours. Now you steal? okay… bye

I started to go on his job and ask for the money. but I didn’t want to cause him no trouble in that way.. In fact I’d be the one going to jail for it LOL But I’m upset for that reason. What made it worse is that my mom accused me for being Irresponsible for Allowing him to come in and do what he wants.  The crazy part is. I didn’t Let him in the house.  Who did? I have no clue. but he shouldn't’ have been in here regardless It was 10pm he should have been at the bus stop heading home.

…..Looks like he wont be here for a while though.

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